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The name Field Kit will sound familiar to anyone who knows anything about electroacoustic sounds and experimentation. It is the name of a workstation: a technical multi-instrument which receives radio signals and alternating voltages with which all kinds of noises and signals can be produced, outputted and controlled. A beautiful name for an instrument, at once abstract and pragmatic, it’s also a perfect name for the duo of Hannah von Hübbenet and John Gürtler.


Their approach is just as fluid, playful, experimental and yet unpretentious as the name implies. Classically trained – both studied at the Universität der Künste Berlin – both have a curiosity that goes beyond the classical. Increasingly uninterested by the narrow structures of classical music, both went on to study film composition at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. There, they became friends and collaborators – quickly discovering a shared love of sonic manipulation instead of musical formalism; a shared drive to disturb, confuse and alienate both tone and emotion.


Both are now successful and award-winning film composers. As Field Kit, they experiment using guidelines and restrictions to give them a framework in which anything and everything can happen: from generating vibrations within the piano to playing tubas backwards or building robotic drummers. They improvise on particular themes, sounds, references or restrictions, creating unexpected harmonies of object and idea.


Both are more interested in emotions than virtuosities. Their unique shared studio in Berlin is the home of their continued musical collaborations, culminating in their debut collection. Now signed to innovative independent label Nonostar Records, their recordings will be released piece by piece from July 31, 2020.