Ben Osborn — Letters from the Border

The debut album from British poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Osborn. The result of an extraordinary musical partnership with the experimental violinist Alex Stolze, ‘Letters from the Border’ was created at the remote Nonostar Studio on the German-Polish border in the summer of 2018. Channelling Leonard Cohen-esque balladry, Bens penetrating poetic lyrics are set against ethereal string arrangements, skittering, Björk-like beats and dreamlike Erik Satie inspired piano chords.

‘Fragments of neoclassical, ambient-minimalism; compositional geometries that capture folk and pop elements within chamber-pop delights, experimental alterations between loops and noise immerse the notes in glacial and ecstatic atmospheres… An excellent debut.’ – OnDaRock
‘Beautifully conveyed at every turn, Letters From The Border is a delicate, yearning reveal of an album; an album that finds a fine balance between the classical and contemporary to soundtrack an accomplished suite of lyrical venerability and learning. Poetically sublime.’ – Monolith Cocktail


1. Don’t try to be (04:12)

2. Eraser (02:08)

3. The Crown (04:17)

4. Mankind Animal (04:45)

5. Stringent (06:02)