Alex Stolze — Mankind Animal

«A chamber ensemble mix of electro-acoustics, ambient traverses and, at times, kinetic beat undulating soul.»

_ Monolith Cocktail, Glasgow


Performing with his unique, custom-made five-string electro-acoustic violin, Alex Stolze is a pioneering figure in his field of modern classical/post-pop musical explorations. Having found much acclaim via his work with electronica act Bodi Bill and having toured the world with experimental avant-trio Dictaphone, Alex Stolze releaeses his debut «Mankind Animal» in September 2016. From the cinematic «Eraser» to the softened timpani minor-overture «Stringent» , Stolze produces a considered postmodernist suite, both experimental in merging the classical with the contemporary, and yet a pleasurable, even soulful and thoughtfully poised listening experience.

«it is a very interesting time to use an instrument steeped in so much history. I see myself as a caveman in a high tech environment and am trying to keep my wooden instrument alive and relevant to the modern world without being a conservative classical violinist»

_ Alex Stolze


1. Don’t try to be (04:12)

2. Eraser (02:08)

3. The Crown (04:17)

4. Mankind Animal (04:45)

5. Stringent (06:02)