Qrauer are the German electronic duo made up of Christian Grochau, a virtuosic percussionist, producer and remix artist and Ludwig Bauer, a deft pianist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. Aracus is the duo’s debut release of all original material following a sporadic series of remixes. The Duo is currently working on a full length album, that will be out in spring 2021.


Taking its name from the ancient Spartan admiral and the genus group of spiders, Aracus is the experimentation of two musicians striking a balance between individual expressions and seamless collaborations. Its inspiration poised among the lofty throws of power and control and the gritty impulsion to dig into the darker, murky corners of the underground and deconstruct whatever they find.



»Sounding in many ways like a remix of chamber piano work, with all the original elements washed-out, the Heeded EP is a cerebral version of techno and electronic dance music for people who hanker after more than just a four-to-the-floor beat and repetition.« Dominic Valvona


»Qrauer’s latest EP is a sophisticated shift of layered electronic body movement techno and reverberated spells both on and inside a neoclassical attuned piano.« Monolith Cocktail