Alex Stolze — Kinship Stories

«full of subtle pop melodies, the pizzicato and bowing exquisite violins, resonating, bass-y piano notes work well with the purposeful synth twitches, tweaks, tight delay settings and ghostly shimmers; producing an album with feet both in the past and present sonically.»

_ Monolith Cocktail UK

»De la douceur, de l’émotion à fleur de peau, et une atmosphère réellement apaisante, une vraie réussite !«


«The electronic world of Alex Stolze is both immersive and playful.»

_ Folk Radio UK


1. Don’t try to be (04:12)

2. Eraser (02:08)

3. The Crown (04:17)

4. Mankind Animal (04:45)

5. Stringent (06:02)